Youth/High School Combo Softball Coaches Clinic

     This approximately three and a half hour clinic is designed for those areas that have youth league coaches and high school softball coaches who work closely together to provide the best possible softball program for their communities.  It is also a great choice for youth leagues that have potential high school coaches in their group.  The last section of this clinic deals heavily with building a high school team and program. 

    The clinic is jampacked with helpful information on a huge amount of topics.  Given in a "shotgun" style you will be able to use the whole program or pick and choose from the hundreds of tips provided.  In addition, take home your 43-page booklet that is packed with samples of ideas that work, drills, practice plans and position specific tips that you can refer to all season long. 

     Learn about the philosophy and building blocks of a successful program and learn how you identify the type of program you want and how to get it.  It goes over key issues such as respect and pride, dealing with parents, goal setting, and team building.  It covers onfield philosophy and how to get your players to play to their highest personal potential while becoming more confident and successful.  It continues with some basic fundamentals that done daily will greatly increase your quality of play as a team.  The clinic finishes with a section on practice organization that will help you plan and execute highly effective practices that allow you to accomplish so much more with your limited practice time.

    The most cost effective way to host a clinic is to combine with other leagues and high school programs involved to share in the cost which is capped if four or more teams or leagues are involved.  Click on the "Clinic Prices" link to the left for more specific information on prices 

    If you would like the clinic outline e-mailed to you please send your request to Terry at:


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