Travel Expenses Outside the Central Coast Area

     The clinic prices quoted in the "Prices" section are for clinics given at your site within the Central Coast area of California, roughly bordered by San Francisco to the north, Los Banos to the east and Atascadero in the south.  For those of you more than a two-hour drive from Carmel Valley there may be additional travel expenses charged.  

     Those charges will be flexible depending on your location.  I am willing to drive in about a 4-5 hour radius of the Monterey Peninsula, meaning as far South as Santa Barbara, as far North as Sacramento, etc. with no overnight fee.  Any trip longer than a 4-5 hour drive would require an overnight stay and possibly a plane ticket.  I will be very glad to travel anywhere in the country to give a clinic, so just ask if you want me to travel cross country.  These are situations where banding together as a league can be very cost effective.  See the section on Joining Together to Reduce Costs.   All charges will be discussed on a case by case basis with you before an agreement is reached.

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