High School Girls Sports Team/Program Building Clinic

     This approximately two-hour clinic is designed to help coaches in all of your girls high school sports.  Learn about what constitutes success, the importance of building a program, identifying the type of program you want, discipline, dealing with parents, respect and pride.  Learn how to discuss goals and how the girls can "own" their team.  Find out how to build better people which translates into building better teams and programs.  See how injecting fun away from the game into your program reaps huge benefits.

      All of the above is just a taste of the information you will receive on Team and Program Building.  An 18-page booklet with ideas and tips on how to better build a program is included with the clinic.  This clinic is perfect to run for all of your girls sports together . . . or all of the fall sports together, all of the winter sports, etc.  The information is not sport specific so is helpful to all coaches in all girls sports.

      This is the same information given in the first part of the High School Softball Coaches Clinic and you could combine the two groups for one clinic.  The coaches of other sports could then leave at break time or stay for the fundamentals and practice organization portion of the softball clinic.  Most coaches in any sport will get a lot out of the section, as it gives basic organization and time management ideas that are pertinent to any program.

     The most cost effective way is to combine all of your girls sports coaches together at hhe beginning of the year or to combine another school from your area . . . or better yet your whole league as the clinic price is capped once you reach four teams.    

     If you would like the clinic outline e-mailed to you please send your request to Terry at:


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