Message to Athletic Directors

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this message.  While I will not guarantee your girls programs championships, I can guarantee improved teams and programs after coaches have put into place some of the ideas garnered from the clinic.  The amount of information is tremendous and as coaches pick and choose their programs can't help but improve . . . and I'm not talking about just winning percentages.  In fact, I'm talking more about the life skills that are emphasized and the fun and the memories that the kids and parents will take with them.

     The clinics help coaches build a philosophy that puts the kids before winning and helps them to understand their role as a leader of young ladies . . . someone who has great impact on high school girls . . . and helps them provide a place for those girls to become more confident and responsible.  For softball coaches, the clinics provide a blueprint for a successful program starting with philosophy and continuing on down through team and program building, fundamentals and practice organization.

     I would love to help you set up a clinic for your softball program, or a league-wide clinic. We can also set one up for Team and Program Building for all of your girls sports coaching staffs.  Please feel free to get in touch via e-mail or phone to further discuss the clinics or ask me to e-mail you the clinic outlines.  Thanks for your time!


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