Individual Ongoing Consulting/Remote Option

     Probably the best option for coaches or schools is to have us work together on an ongoing basis to either put together or tweak your program.  This option entails starting with a questionnaire and then sitting down together, in person or by phone, and analyzing your program . . . then, working to put together the program that best suits your needs.  We figure out the best things for you to highlight and how to go about getting exactly what you want out of your program.  Phone and e-mail support is offered throughout the season and beyond.  This format can include one of the clinics, but it doesn't have to, depending upon you and your situation.  The clinic can be given remotely (Skype) or via phone and e-mail. This is a great option for those of you out of the Cental Coast area of California.
All of this for just $150 per school or organization!

     Ideally, I will visit a practice and/or game of yours (travel expenses may occur) to better analyze your program.  If you do not combine this with a clinic you will receive the clinic outline and my clinic notes via e-mail that gives you the meat of the clinic information in great detail.  This option is probably the best option for most high school programs as it allows us to work together in hammering out all the details that will enable you to create a great program!  If you want more information on this option please call or e-mail Terry at:


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