Comments from Coaches/AD's/Attendees

     You beat me to the thank you's.  I appreciate you taking the time to come up and speak with us about developing a successful softball program.  All the information was very informative and will be very useful for the softball season and many to come after that.  I will get you that questionnaire as soon as possible and will be looking forward to your input.  Thanks again!

Melanie Berezay
Paraprofessiona II, SDC
Varsity Softball Coach
Weston Ranch High School
Stockton, California
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"Hey Terry, It's Andrea from Livingston High School and I want to thank you for the suggestions and work you did helping to add to our program.  This has been the most successful season we have had in over 5 years and I feel like we are just getting started.  I am so proud of them.  The coaches have really bought into the program and the players followed.  But we have a lot of work to do.  They have a week off, then we start travel and summer league.  I would definitely like to do something with you and the coaches over the summer and set something up February of next year.  Lets keep in touch.  Thanks Again Terry - you helped give us the push we needed to get up from that downhill climb... now we're moving."
Andrea Pomicpic
Livingston High School Fastpitch
Livingston (CA) High School

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"Thanks for your assistance with our softball team.  I think Andrea and her assistants were very happy with your suggestions and help.  It was very worthwhile for us."

Butch Seifert
Associate Principal of Athletics and Activities
Livingston (CA) High School

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"The season is going very well.  The fundamental drills are helping.  It has helped simplify the game for the girls.  We haven't won a game yet, but we are at least in them and competitive, which is an improvement from years' past, for a small school such as ours."

Matt Blandin
Athletic Director & Head Softball Coach
Calvary Christian High School
Pacific Grove, CA  

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"That was like getting a drink of water from a fire hose!" 

Comment made by a youth coach from the Carmel Community Girls Softball league after the first clinic in 2005. 
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     "I have had the great pleasure of attending Terry McGowan's coaching clinic each of the past 4 years.  The coaches in our league benefit immensely from his technical expertise which covers fundamentals, practice organization and drills specific to various skill levels and age groups.  Equally valuable are Terry's insights into the philosophy of the game as he keeps it simple, positive, structured and fun.

     Originally I thought the clinic would best serrve our beginning coaches, but many of our experienced coaches refer to the booklet from Terry's clinic throughout the season.

     I would highly recommend this coaching clinic to any coach or league that has a desire to lay the foundation for a successful program or take an existing program to the next level."

Andrew Rudy, President, Carmel Community Girls Softball

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I have had computer problems the last week but I did receive your kind email in regards to the clinic that you put on for Toro Softball coaches.  All of our coaches that were there really enjoyed your clinic and thought it was very informative and plan on using several of your ideas during there own practices. Once again thank you and we truly appreciated it.

Jennifer Bramers
Toro Softball 

P.S.  I was wondering if you presented your clinic to the Carmel coaches yet.  If not I was wondering if you think the 2 coaches of ours that missed the clinic would be able to join them to listen to you.  We just thought since you were so good it was too bad they missed it and maybe they could join in on another coaches clinic.  What do you think?

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