Message From Terry

Thanks for visiting the website!  The first thing I want to get across is that in no way do I think I'm the best coach in the world . . . in fact, in most clinics I probably won't be the best coach in the room!  However, what I do have is a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge that I love to pass along to other coaches that will help build stronger players/people, teams and programs.  The most beneficial option to your program is my ongoing consulting option which allows us to work together in a one on one situation allowing us to really get specific in how we improve your program!  

     Out of 100 people attending this clinic I really feel there will be one or two that might feel they are going to use the whole clinic as the blueprint for their program . . . and there will be one or two, or five or ten, that just say this was a waste of time.  The rest of that 100 people will pick up five, ten, twenty things they can use to create a great program or improve their program.  Is your program the best it can be?

     There is an old saying that captures the spirit of the clinics and that is "The minute you think you know it all is the minute you stop improving".  That saying applies to players and also to coaches and it is why even experienced coaches can benefit greatly from these clinics as the great coaches always look for ways to add to and improve their programs. 

     The vast majority of softball teams and leagues across the country are looking for coaches that will teach their girls life skills in a fun, positive way and that gets their players to perform at that personal best.  If championships happen . . . great . . . but real success lies in each girl, each team, each program reaching their portential and feeling good no matter what their winning percentage. 

     I truly love sharing this information and would love to come to you . . . no matter where you are in the country . . . to help you create or improve your teams, programs and leagues.  Looking back to when I first started as a youth coach and then again when I first started at the high school level I realized what a benefit it would have been to have gone to a clinic like this one.  I certainly look forward to working with you!


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