"The minute you think you know it all . . . is the minute you stop getting better!"

      Welcome to Softball Coaching Clinics, home of four clinics and an ongoing consulting option tailored to inspire you and your coaches to step beyond the onfield details and help you build better players/people, teams and programs.  At the same time, the clinics lay a foundation of fundamentals and practice organization that will lead to greater success.  Here is what one coach thought after hosting a clinic:


    You beat me to the thank you's.  I appreciate you taking the time to come up and speak with us about developing a successful softball program.  All the information was very informative and will be very useful for this softball season and many to come after that.  I will get you that questionnaire as soon as possible and will be looking forward to your input.  Thanks again!

Melanie Berezay
Paraprofessional II, SDC
Varsity Softball Coach
Weston Ranch High School
Stockton, California

          Would you like to have a team that got along better and worked toward common goals?

     Would you like a team that played to their potential consistently?

     Would you like a higher winning percentage . . . without emphasizing winning and losing?

     Would like your players to remember your team as the best part of high school?    

We have clinics designed specifically for:

     High School Softball Coaches

     Youth Softball League Coaches

     Combo Clinic for Youth/High School Coaches

     Team and Program Building for high school teams in any Girls sport.

     We also offer Individual Ongoing Consulting that analyzes your program specifically and helps you make the right changes to improve your softball program.  This option includes unlimited one on one mentoring and may be the best way to improve your program. 

     Philosophy, Fundamentals, Practice Organization and Program Building are the four main sections of the Softball Clinics.  The All-Sports clinic pertains to any high school Girls sports team and deals with philosophy and player/people and team/program building.  All four clinics emphasize building success by creating an environment where kids become more confident, have better self-esteem, grow more responsible and have a tremendous amount of fun!  Click on the page links to your left for more info.


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